We are passionate food people and inventors of delicious organic foods where the main ingredient is apple. We proudly make our bread, crisps and snacks for our table and yours. Every single batch of our unique product is made with care and special attention at our own manufacture in Northbrook, IL.

Because of our passion for healthy living, our goal is to provide new, innovative products for food enthusiasts who regularly shop for new, healthy, tasty food options.

questions you may have

What does OBA stand for?
OBA is the acronym for Organic Baked Apple.

How many of your products are organic?
All of our products are USDA organic certified.

Does your product contain preservatives?
No. Our unique baking process ensures food safety without the use of preservatives.

Who supplies your organic apples?
All of our organic apple suppliers are from Washington State.

Are your products Kosher?
Yes. All of our products are CRC-Kosher certified.

What DOES Kosher mean?
Kosher is another level of certification and it means that food manufacturing facilities comply with specific requirements for processes, ingredients, and equipment.

What DOES Specialty Food Product mean?
Foods that exemplify quality, innovation and style in their category. Originality, authenticity, specific processing, high quality ingredients and extraordinary packaging are the main characteristics that make Specialty Food Product.

What DOES 100% flour-free mean?
It’s simple – all of our product is made without any type of flour.

What is the difference between flour-free and gluten-free?
Flour-free product doesn’t contain any type of flour.
Gluten-free product may contain flour, however that flour is without gluten.