Apple Crisps Dark Chocolate/ Pouch

– ORGANIC DARK CHOCOLATE APPLE CRISPS make for a delicious, airy dessert; organic dark chocolate coats our signature organic baked apple crisps for the perfect sweet but tart bite that’s just the right size; pair with coffee, tea, or wine for a treat.
– PREMIUM TREATS, QUALITY INGREDIENTS with nothing to hide; only five ingredients; organic apples, organic egg whites, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic dark chocolate; USDA organic; gluten free; kosher; Non-GMO.
– FEEL GOOD ABOUT DESSERT AGAIN with our organic, gluten free dessert; enjoy the perfect bite with our smooth chocolate coating and sweet but tart, crunchy baked apple; bursting with flavor, you’ll feel satisfied by these diet snacks and desserts.
– THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE these light flour-free crisps coated in organic chocolate are sweet, crispy treats for adults and kids snacks; chocolate covered organic snacks that help maintain your healthy lifestyle, without sacrificing flavor.
– OBA’S ONE-OF-A-KIND PRODUCTS are made from real apples with only the highest quality organic ingredients; we’re passionate about healthy living, so our products are made in small batches with the care and attention only a family can provide.

Calories per 130g
Dietary fiber
Dietary Value